Contributors: Leane Chukoskie, Natalie Moursund, Joseph Snider, Rebecca Gold, Katie Li, Sonia Gleicher, Grace Chen, Danielle Urman, Kyle Udd-Garnica, Mary Gamboa, Victoria Speck, Anita Satish, Haven Nisly, Karen Kenisten, Francesca Maviglia, Chandra Couzens

The clinical trial symptom tracker is a REDCap-based set of surveys designed to probe symptoms as well as medication adherence as part of a COVID-19-related clinical trial.  

It was designed for what the average trial might want to monitor in terms of symptoms. The project is readily modifiable in REDCap for each individual clinical trial as needed. The survey set includes a brief initial health history form followed by a daily medication (with dosage) list.  The symptom tracking survey is currently set to be sent twice daily with the evening survey asking if clinical trial meds were taken as directed (with a few follow up questions) and whether there has been any change in typical medications, either additions or subtractions. The symptom tracker has an indicator for whether the patient or a proxy is reporting the symptoms. 

Anyone can try this out here: 

Anyone who wants to have a copy for their own clinical trial should send their or their trial administrator's email (this person will need REDCap access) to Natalie Moursund, Rebecca Gold, or Leanne Chikoskie.  

Here is a guide that explains how to get a copy of the RedCap tool if anyone is interested: